Monday, June 26, 2017

Really FAT news!

Pre-orders starts now at Fat Ass Records!

New album from Intestinal Disgorge!

Out now at Cemitério Records!

News from Cavernicular!

New album will be out soon on vinyl by RØDEL Records and Here And Now Records and on tape by Hackebeil Records and Knochentapes 

Magnum Force - Discography LP is out!

You can order this vinyl at To Live A Lie

New merch from Wojczech!

The king of the monsters. 3 coloured on black. gildan heavy cotton, sizes s,m,l,xl available. For all questions write to Wojczech band! 

Violent Gorge / Lt. Dan

Okay punks, this day finally came! I don’t even remember when this release was originally supposed to come out… I guess it should have happened a couple of years ago. But anyway, I`m really happy that this shit is finally out! Well let's traditionally start with the visual part of this smelly thing. When I first looked at this picture, what my mind said was something like “A rotting nation can birth only dead children”. I don't know if the artist meant the same but that not necessary. Its an old but nice piece work for Russian artist Jon, that guy has a real talent for this kind of art. Annndd here is a moment what the needle touches vinyl and booom! Dirty powerful blasts from maestro Joe and his guys. I've heard a lot of VG stuff and I can definitely say that this material is some of the best. Intense, aggressive, sometimes stupid and full of good fun. This record has pretty bad sound but no matter what these songs rock! Some swing riffs, fast and slow (dance) tempos will make you crazy. If you`re dirty noise freak then this stuff is 100% for you! If I'm remembering this right this is the last Lt. Dan recording. Well this stuff is pretty nice, raw Mince/Grind… but these songs remind me Agathocles and sometimes Archagathus. I don’t want to say that Lt. Dan is a clone but this material does not have its own distinctive feature. Nice raw sound, simple riffs and tempos which are typical for Mincecore and thats unfortunately all. It's a pity but, this record session did not touch me. Rating: Violent Gorge - 8 Lt. Dan - 7

If you want this split then shoot your orders to Bloodspit Records

Sunday, June 25, 2017

New EP from D.E.R. band!

Out now at Nerve Altar!

Chimpyfest VI!!!

Archagathus / Haggus (Fuck Your Life rec)

This split is like one big mince bombs with gore filling. You all know these bands, both of them have so many releases, but over the years they've changed for the better. On this tape you will find 7 harsh songs from Canadian maniacs and 4 nasty punk songs from US bastards. We can see the first side is belongs to Archagathus so let’s start with them. If I remember right this material was recorded for another split but, for some reason that release collapsed so the boys just used these songs for this split tape. Hm… Id really like to dig into this cover art. There is a strong and powerful reminder of animal rights. Shit these human and animal corpses look so cruel and painful (the idea of comparisons is rad 100%). So let’s move to the next stop, let`s take a big sip of beer and play this tape, hehe. Oh boy this isn’t old punk Archagathus… this monster transformed into something more dreadful. The sound is now a little bit lower and Dan used pitchshifter a lot... So this mince now has more of a gore taste. Fast buzzing riffs and hellish drum beats simply grind you into stuffing… and like I said previously there is a lot of vomit roars and yelling screams. Sometimes this terrible mass sounds violently fast, sometimes it has swing middle tempo… and the ending of this record is very funny, there are some piece from old film with jazz music, unexpected and good ending! Annnd side B, here we will find noises from Haggus. Very cute stuff, it feels like these guys started to write/create and record their songs more seriously. Song structures remain simple and uncomplicated but, tempos and riffs are a little bit different. But, like always Haggus attack us with barbaric primitive Mincegore. Swing tempos, blast beats, “tupa tupa” beats, buzzing noise and horrible vocals with some distortion effects… All the things you've been waiting for, are here. And let`s take a look on the visual side of this tape. On the cover of Haggus part it flaunts strange old picture from China. It shows some very brutal public execution (interesting, for what action was this punishment issued?). Rating: 8/10 Haggus Archagathus

You can buy this tape at FYLR

Friday, June 23, 2017

Super noise tour!

Hello Bastards and Herida Profunda announce split release!

Good Guys Go Grind is happy to announce than Hello Bastards and Herida Profunda are teaming up to release 7 inch split next month. Release party will take place during Fuck The Borders Fest vol.II @ Przychodnia Squat in Warsaw / Poland on 14-15/07/2017, where both bands will perform.

This release is out thanks to international cooperation between WOOAAARGH, DEVIANCE, 783 punx, Hecatombe Records and N.I.C. Records. Pre-order starts now so feel free to contact them or bands to get your black or clear vinyl copy:
WOOAAARGH (Germany) -
DEVIANCE (France) -
783 punx (UK) -
Hecatombe Records (Spain) -
N.I.C. Records (Poland) -

or bands and get your


Killer cover artwork for this release is done by Rafal "Wechter" Wechterowicz / TOO MANY SKULLS 

Here’s the track list from both bands:

1. intro hanyaterra
2. the sweatshop system
3. making hardcore, punk again
4. productive criticism
5. zapatistas
6. equality

1. refugees welcome
2. need to grind
3. grind you in the back

We are more than happy to give you small preview of what to expect.
Once again Herida Profunda have chosen Studio RIOT ( for recording session.

Seat comfortably, increase volume and press play to check new track from HERIDA PROFUNDA titled “Refugees Welcome”. 

Now get up the floor, add little bit more volume and nail your own coffin with new tune from HELLO BASTARDS titled “Equality”

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Assuck - Discography tape!

More info at RAPS rec! 

Bloody Phoenix – Death To Everyone (Grindfather Productions)

Waiting for brand new grind releases, I've decided to look back and write a review on something not very old but quite a good one. So I decided upon "Death To Everyone" from an American band called Bloody Phoenix. By the way, this album was reissued not so long ago on the british Grindfather prod. The music and the cover art here are both equally good, combining into one dark piece. So, from the visual part we have very beautiful and solid artist's work. He have incarnated in his art one of the worst of humanity's curses - religion. It's cool that he paid attention to the theme of the church, rotten from the beginning to the end, and added a dead knight from the era of crusades. As you know well, christinaity spread nearly everywhere (only japanese have resisted it).
And from the musical side we have a solid, fast shell which can strike out and destroy any wall. "Death To Everyone" reminds me of the old nuclear bomb Little Boy which took a great amount of human lives. The destructive power of this album can be compared only to the destruction made by christianity during its mission. Listening to this album you realize how you are enveloped by this atmosphere. This dark atmosphere impregnates the whole album just like black resin...and not d-beat nor blastbeat, not even hellish wall of guitar sound can hide it, and growls and screams can't interrupt it. This album ended up being really viscous and suffocating, not so many can do such a thing.
Rating: 8.5/10 Bloody Phoenix fb
You can support this band & label and buy this tape HERE!

Plasma / Proctalgia split!

Disparo - Hands In The Middle!

Out now at Hotel Broslin rec!

Pavel Chekov on tour!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Embalming Theatre - The Beast Collection (Power it Up)

Okay boys and girls let’s sit around the fire and relax… Let me tell you the bloody story about the adventures of some maniacs,different disgusting things and many other interesting stories. The Beast Collection is like a book (okay audio book) with many scary stories. Here you'll find songs from splits with Mesrine, Dead, FUBAR, Fondlecorpse and the Sadisticannibal ep. And if I understand it right all this material is united by one song about James Young. The design for this tape was made with pieces from each release involved here (by the way this art was made by one of the E.T. member). So you can already understand that this tape is rich with some disgusting sounds, strange and distuebing themes… well lets dig a little bit into the noise. Hmmm... these Swiss bastards put a lot of great movie samples. Many words from films with (and about) maniacs and like a cherry on the top, sample from the Evil Dead, hahaha that’s so great! This tape is full of audio maggots and radioactive audio slime! These middle tempos like a patient maniac which is waiting their victim. Not in any rush, he is waiting for the right moment to attack. The same with E.T., these buzzing guitars, crazy screams and roars. They'll slowly penetrate and poison you from within. And then in one brief moment they destroy you… your brain is melting, your lungs are stopping… you can’t think and breathe. This brand of Death/Gore brings you a swift but painful death. Rating: 8/10 E.T. official site E.T. facebook

You can order this tape HERE!

Small updated at Grindfather prod!

For more info just visit Grindfather

Nasum and Psychoneurosis shirts!

Shoot your orders to Selfmadegod rec!

Deadbeat / Boak (Grindpromotion Records)

So we're back to powerviolence, finally haha. This is not a super new split but, believe me this one definitely deserves any PV freaks attention. Two different bands and two different lands. Fresh violent juice from Scottish Boak and the second release ever from Californian bandits Deadbeat... At first glance this cover looks pretty boring but, it`s only our first look. Lets pay attention to the details... First what we can see here is some kind of medal with a dying man inside. I'm sure that this is the main topic and it shows that for every stupid medal stands the human life (many lives). Also, the designer used some photos of prisoners of concentration camps, boots without owners (I think you can guess about what happened to them). Also there is a theme with "big bro is watching you" and of course mind manipulations (x-ray of the skull). And lets stop on this and talk about the noise. Deadbeat are inhabitants of L.A., like I said before they are a young band and it's their second release. Their music is some kind of very extreme hardcore (hardcore on the end of extreme limits) with some powerviolence elements. Almost all songs are shorter then a minute (only "Vile Human" is a little bit longer than 1 min) so everything sounds even faster. I really like these loud yelling vocals. Guitars are pretty heavy and blast beats are intensive. So despite the fact that this record is short these 4 songs are a good example of a violence cocktail. This is an absolute good and painful mess in the very best way. 2 new songs (plus a cover of Eradicate) from the ever interesting Boak. This band is not too active, but every one of their releases receives good reviews. The noise can sew the seeds of sickness inside your head. Okay maybe these guys sounds pretty modern but, they bring absolutely destructive power. All their songs are pretty long (each more than a minute, haha) and full of violent energy. Slow and fast rhythms switch with each other and create real chaos. What else to say? Rating: 8/10 Boak fb Deadbeat fb

You can order this split HERE!

Siege in Europe!