Saturday, March 24, 2018

Repulsione - Desecrating (Death Crush Records)

This album crossed many countries, and overcame a lot of obstacles and adventures from the journey, from Death Crush Records, before finally arriving to my dirty hands. I have a lot of respect in all honesty for what our Italian friends released here. A whole lot of sweat and blood were put into this monster of an album. Good work takes a lot of time and that`s the reason this album wasn't released before the end of 2017 in digital format and vinyl version in the beginning of 2018. Talk about sound, riffs, puke and blasts comes a bit later I`d like to bring attention to the cover design of "Desecrating". The cover art which is a "masterpiece", was made by Luis Sendon (one of my favorite Spanish artists btw). He is also known as the bassplayer in Nashgul, but very known for his paintings. I am very possessed by this massive work. The artwork looks magical to me. There is so many cool details, elements to this and the main story is seriously cool stuff. My heart beats extensively of excitement every time i pick this piece of vinyl up, haha. "Desecrating"is extensively filled with massive mad brutality, and furious madness. Surprisingly the two bass guitars creates such a low tuned killer noise assault, which is totally devastating. The level of distortion is very even,and not overdone,it comes together as one unit. Mister Fastex and Head crashing chainsaw creates thunderous tremors which persist throughout the entire album. The sound of the snare is very clean,and fits perfectly to this album. In particular to the blasting moments.And one more lovely addition I like the fact these guys didn't build this album entirely with shredding riffs and blasting drums. Repulsione has many different approaches,slow "sludgy" parts,and mid tempo parts with some thrashy influences but of course also fast bowel shredding grinding moments.This album shows true and sincere talent. Rating 8/10 Repulsione fb

You can buy this album thru Death Crush Records

Friday, March 23, 2018

Tomorrow Leeds will be burn!

Split Haggus / Meatus / Disemboweler / Albtraos is out!

This tape released by Ill Faith Records!

First look at Chepang/Test split 7"!!!

More info soon...

Split Madre Coca × Sedem Minút Strachu is out!

Cult occult botulotoxin noisecore stupidity from german Escatofagia ripoffs vs. astro-necro demented freestyle from slovak 7MON ripoffs packed in translucent Niels/CSMD trademarked insanity. You can order this tape at KAZ records!

RIP Shawn...

We regret to inform you that Shawn Elliott (Capitalist Casualties) has passed away...

First full length album from Butcher ABC will be released by Power It Up rec!

Release date June/ early July2018. Stay tuned!

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Expurgos bundle!

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New album from Human Cull!

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Gore / Impalement Mouths Sodomy (Viscera Records)

Goregrind has always been a lovely genre for me. The genre is loaded to the top with serious themes about serial killers, bloody murders, mutations and stupid gore jokes. The last few last years there was a huge ugly wave that came across our planet which gave birth to many new bands. Well sometimes it's hard to find something really worthy in that heap of slime, but we always have an old band, that's still active and still rocks! So that's why I picked up this new split of Brazilian legends, Gore. For this split they chose a filthy one man project, named Impalement Mouths Sodomy. I can compare this release with the corpse that is Clogged in the Tank. This CD contains not just 1 corpse, this CD contains 23 corpse pieces, and they smell very bad. Both sides have their own covers art, but they are equally disgusting, haha! Gore is old school oriented band. I always liked this band, because almost all of their material is great (it's not too diverse but,still delicious). Through the years this band has had a lot of troubles with line ups, but that didn't effect the gore passion in them. The guitar riffs still have a taste of old-school Death Metal and Goregrind, the buzzing tremolo picking reminds me of Carcass, Dead Infection,etc... All polka, blast, d and other beats are "alive". They were recorded by a guest drummer. And about the vocals. There is a huge load of vomit sound in the vocals… Pitch shifted noises are perfectly fit in this gory mess of blood and meat remains. I believe that I can tag Impalement Mouths Sodomy as some sort of Gorenoise. This muddy noisy band is a child of Ivan (Cannibe). The best shot of this recording session is the first track "Cataclysm Of The Brain". After a creepy horror movie sample begins a reel of vomiting ugliness! That track is the most memorable here (I guess because all other songs are very similar), unfortunately everything else is not memorable at all. I listened to the whole side and after few minutes I forgot about what I had listened to…

Rating: Gore 7.5/10    Impalement Mouths Sodomy 6/10    This CD released by Viscera Records

20 anniversary of Obscene Extreme Festival!

Depraved - Demo 2016 7"!!!

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Discharge on tour!

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Still available thru Grindfather prod!

Captain 3 Leg / Hyperemesis - Split Tape
G.O.D./Ahna - Split Tape 
Violent Gorge / Rotocles - Split Tape
Shitgrinder / Coffin Birth - Split Tape 
Acid Feast / Horrendous Miscreation - Split Tape 
Parlamentarisk Sodomi / BxSxRx - Split Tape

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Slave To The Grind (21.03.18)

Hi Doug! Finally we managed to have this small talk. Thank you so much for that, well how are you man? Whats new? This is a big week for us! We are launching our trailer and poster today as well as announcing our World Premiere at the Calgary Underground Film Festival on April 21st. Expect daily festival appearance announcements throughout the rest of the week. - Let`s begin from the start, when did you have the idea of creating a Grind documentary visit your head? Why is this genre so special to you? When I was finishing up Never Enough, my last documentary, I knew I wanted to tackle a subject that had never been done before. Never Enough was on compulsive collectors, and since all I was doing was spending my spare money on rare grindcore records, it seemed fitting. I appreciate all styles of music, though music on the fringe of society has always interested me. It doesn’t get much more fringe than grindcore. The intensity of grindcore is unparalleled and I really felt like the world needed to learn about what excites me most.